Sigma Kappa

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Welcome to the Sigma Kappa Chapter at Indiana University! It is my
pleasure to introduce you to this amazing group of women whom
we call sisters. Here you will find a group of diverse and dedicated members who are committed to serving and supporting the community.

Sigma Kappa has become many of our home away from homes as
we purse our degrees while also growing in the professional world.
We are a support system for each other by maintaining a balance
of a hectic collegiate life.

Our 5 founders founded Sigma Kappa in 1874, ever since then we
have been committed to personal growth, service, friendship, and loyalty. Our sisters are committed to each other through the causes
we believe in and challenging each other everyday to grow in our intellectual, spiritual, and social health. We live with purpose,
compassion, and, most importantly, with heart.

Loyally in Sigma Kappa,

Anne Marie, Chapter President 2018-2019