Sigma Kappa

Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

Your Daughter & Sigma Kappa

What is the chapter’s policy on hazing?

Sigma Kappa has a strict no hazing policy. We are an organization that wants our members to grow and be inspired to learn through our new member education program. The new member education program consists of 10 weeks of learning about our ritual, member experience, and what it means to be a Sigma Kappa member.


What is the time commitment for being in a sorority?

Sigma Kappa wants its members to be diverse in their activities. We are an organization that requires all members to be involved in at least one other organization on and/or off campus while still being an active member of Sigma Kappa. That being said, being in a sorority is a time commitment -- we have chapter meetings every week, philanthropy events, alumnae events, and academic requirements. In a collegiate sorority, it is important to maintain our academics first, then give attention to other organizations.


How will my child benefit from being in a sorority?

Statistically, being in a sorority increases the likelihood that your child will graduate on time because they are held accountable, and for the first time, they are held responsible for their actions through our Honor Board and Code of Conduct. The Tau chapter also offers 28+ leadership opportunities, educational chapters on career planning, academic excellence, mental health, and much more!


Will joining a sorority affect my child’s GPA?

Sigma Kappa holds their members accountable through our academic excellence program which provides assistance to women struggling in classes. These include setting up study groups, meeting with sisters in the same classes, and having sisters check in with your child if they are struggling. These programs are set up through our Vice President of Academic Excellence who serves as a resource for your child.


What is the process of joining a sorority?

Indiana University offers formal and informal recruitment. Informal recruitment occurs during the fall and/or spring semester, and chapters can decide whether or not they want to participate in this recruitment opportunity. Sigma Kappa has participated many times. We see it as another way to open our sisterhood to new members! Formal recruitment takes place during the first 2 weeks of January. This is a time for potential new members to visit all of the chapters and gain a full experience. No matter which recruitment your daughter participates in, she will find her home away from home!

What about after my daughter graduates?

Sigma Kappa has very active alumnae chapters all across the nation, which allows members to remain connected to the sisterhood beyond graduation. From volunteer opportunities, to the Sigma Kappa national convention that happens every other year, there are countless ways to continue your involvement and personal growth as a sorority woman. Sigma Kappa is a sisterhood that lasts a lifetime, not just 4 years.